понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

n0t the 1st time

hell0 there ~!!

Here, I just want t0 be kn0wn as Hikaru ...
C0z I l0ve t0 leave things as Himitsu .

What is Himitsu ?
It's a secret.

But still,
The pe0ple ar0und me had already kn0wn my real name ~ ^ ^
n0 w0rries ..

enj0y this bl0g!

(Eventh0ugh i am still new is this stuff)

p / s: f0rg0t t0 menti0n .. this isn't my 1st bl0g ... i've already 0ne bef0re but i've f0rg0t the passw0rd ~ ^ ^ "
      and the bl0g l0oked really childish ~: P-blush-
      and ... d0z0 y0r0shiku ~!!!

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