понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.


life brief candle
0ne's life is very sh0rt
have t0 enj0y the life at the fullest
but still
we can never f0rget ab0ut why we are b0rnt
why we are alive and n0t dead yet
why we still breathing in the w0rld 0f His
enj0y the time while fulfilling 0ur duty as a khalifah 0f Allah!

but still,
we are n0t maksum.
we can't always d0 as we th0ught we c0uld d0
s0metimes, we can't d0 the things rights
we d0 wr0ngs at times
it's the life He gave us
whatever we d0 have been kn0wn by Him bef0re we even d0 it
everythings g0es as what He planned
and n0 0ne kn0ws the reas0n except Him
we just can see the truth hidden if He want us t0 kn0w
we just have t0 put trust and believe in His Might.

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