четверг, 30 декабря 2010 г.

the value 0f kn0wledge and passing examinati0n

cant hide any l0nger..
i am n0w realise that everything isnt like bef0re
everything gets t0ugher and t0ugher as i walked up the winding r0ad

t0 tell the truth,
i never feel h0w failing exam was until i g0t here
the first time i was t0ld t0 repeat the exam,
my heart sank int0 the deepest sea
but i dare n0t t0 cry
i t0ok the repeat test

but i was tested 0nce again,
i had t0 take an0ther repeat
just f0r the same 1st c0ll0q
but still i dare n0t t0 cry

the 2nd c0ll0q,
i t0ok 0n the 0ther day
n0t the same day as 0thers
i have t0 take 0nce m0re repeat
but still
i dare n0t t0 cry

but this w0rds always c0ating my tiny brain
"am i n0t go0d en0ugh?"

but i think
the hardest-t0-accept truth 0f an answer
"i am to0 lazy!"

i sh0uld d0 m0re revisi0n

but is it true en0ugh?

in seeking f0r the best s0luti0n
i reviewed my 0ld sch0ol life


study was an interesting thing
but revisi0n isn't
and why i still g0t go0d marks bef0re?
c0z i really L0ve T0 KN0W
t0 kn0w m0re ab0ut everything
everything 0n this w0rld 0f his

but n0w?
i was m0re t0 ign0re th0se feelings

and i did cried

it was t0o late f0r a c0meback in exam
but still n0t t0 learn and study

what am i d0ing?
i keep advising myself~^^"

just keep smiling
and u kn0w u can d0 it!

there's still space f0r me!

p/s: whateva it is.. n0w is t0 enj0y life and study~^^
       neva get pressed by the situati0n!

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