понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

a bit intr0ducti0n

i d0n't really kn0w what 0ther d0 with their bl0gs.
i can't just set up this bl0g as perfectly as 0thers d0.
i am n0t maksum

what sh0uld i write actually?

my m0m said that i sh0uld n0t put t0 much 0f true identity because 0f privacy
s0rry that i have t0 f0ll0w my m0m's 0rder.
she's the queen! (0f my heart~<3)

t0 g0 straight t0 the p0int,
i am n0w in m0sc0w, russia
studying medicine in 1st m0sc0w medical university
a muslimah
will be 19 years 0ld 0n 7th february 2011
staying at pushkin h0stel
b0rn at kuantan, pahang, malaysia (just stay f0w few days)
then stayed at kemaman
have a big c0mplicated but happy family (can't tell full st0ry)
kindergarten at yayasan islam terengganu, kemaman
primary scho0l at sk kampung air, kemaman (n0w sk seri iman)
sec0ndary scho0l at sm sains sultan mahmud, kuala terenggau (SESMA)

eventh0ugh i m0stly stayed in terengganu and be friends with the c0mmunity there,
i can't use the slang pr0perly yet
can't help ab0ut it~^^"
c0z my m0m is fr0m kedah
and i used standard slang since y0ung (then my friends will always c0ntr0l their slang when with me~:P)

i think my "a bit" have been s0 l0ng.~^^"

that's all f0r this p0st

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