вторник, 14 декабря 2010 г.

a stained peace


a sh0cked news spread as quick as fire burning.
there's pe0ple killing and ri0ts in m0sc0w.
and 0ur safety is in d0ubt.
rum0urs kept spreading.
and we still didnt kn0w the best thing t0 d0.

is g0ing t0 class sh0uld still be the first pri0rity?
0r 0ur safety is m0re imp0rtant?

there'll be a l0t m0re ri0ts in here.
and we still cann0t make a head 0r tail 0ut 0f it.

it's really hard t0 0btain peace.
yet pe0ple destr0y it easily like eating ABC.

the inn0cence:
-we are! (the students wh0 need kn0wledges and having life)

until when will the pe0ple be blindf0lded?

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