четверг, 16 декабря 2010 г.

a j0urney t0 the light

al0ne in the dark
when it is m0rning
i search f0r the light
but i cant find it
i wander ar0und
but i see n0thing


my f0ot bleeds

i want t0 cry
but if i d0 s0
wh0'll listen?

i c0ntinue my j0urney
in searching the light

i walk n c0ntinue walking
but still seeing n0thing
my fo0t hurts al0t
but if i st0p
when will i 0btain the light?


0nce again
i rise and c0ntinue walking
it hurts m0re n m0re as i walk
i learn t0 be m0re persistance
as i fell n hurts

"where's the light?
d0es light exist?"

i'm fed up with this j0urney
n st0p

"i d0nt want t0 d0 this anym0re!"

i hear s0me0ne calling my names
the s0me0ne grabs my hand
n n0w i can see it

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