среда, 8 декабря 2010 г.



when thinking ab0ut learning 0r studying,
i 0ften ask myself.
why d0 i study f0r?
is it f0r the sake 0f exam?
is it f0r the sake 0f my m0m?
is it f0r the sake 0f getting go0d j0b?
is it f0r the sake 0f me?
is it f0r Allah?

t0 study f0r the sake 0f iman is a bit to0 much
we can always say that everytime we g0 t0 class
"aku n0p pergi blaja sbb beribadat kpade Allah"
and we h0pe t0 get s0me pahala fr0m it.
but still,
can we really feel it?
d0 we really mean it?
t0 th0se wh0 really feel it,
c0z its really rare

t0 be h0nest,
studying isnt hard
if we enj0y it.
as f0r me,
i l0ve t0 learn new things
and that feelings bring me t0 this w0rld 0f m0sc0w.
t0 answer the SPM paper is like eating a piece 0f cake
if it t0 c0mpare t0 what i fr0nting n0w.

where's the pr0blem actually started?

i think because 0f my 0wn mistake.
that is t0 be very cho0sy these days.
i 0nly l0ve certain subjects.
and treat the 0thers half-heartedly.
i g0t nice mark 0n the subject i like
but have t0 REPEAT in one 0f the subject that i take f0r granted.

it really matters if we study s0mething f0r the sake 0f what 0r wh0m.
it depends.
if we study t0 aim f0r the sake 0f exam,
we'll get 0nly headache.
maybe we can excell in the exam.
we'll realise that the kn0wledge d0esnt stay f0r l0ng
and it is such a waste 0f time.

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