четверг, 9 декабря 2010 г.

missing my 0ld scho0l life

i've p0sted bef0re,
i l0ve t0 be al0ne.
t0 walk al0ne.
but still,
when i think back,
there's still l0ts 0f friends that makes my life c0l0urful.
and still always in my mind.
i w0nder why i miss them a l0t.

i still remember...

Farah Suzie
-h0w u hypn0tised me t0 tell ab0ut my biggest secret
-h0w i used t0 get inside ur ro0m n use ur ph0ne
-h0w i gave u a letter then u cried
-h0w we get t0 l0ve twilight
-h0w u r 0bsessed with twilight
-ab0ut the s0ng: dec0de, unt0uched
-ab0ut the PBL

Hajar Aisyah
-h0w we used t0 listen t0 anime s0ngs t0gether
-h0w u r to0 kind t0 me
-the dinner we had bef0re i c0me here
-ab0ut "tiger" <- (:P)
-the late 0range and the hands0me "tiger"
-ab0ut mangas
-the music b0x
-the study bef0re SPM (the stealing-the-whiteb0ard-fr0m-the-hall thing)
-the s0ngs: 100% yuuki, my girl
-the pian0

Sanira Husnida Erni
-0ne 0f my first 10 friends
-l0ve t0 c0nquer bilik TV
-remember h0w they cant use the TV when we werent there?
-remember h0w we used t0 buy fo0d at the canteen then rushed back t0 bilik TV t0 watch Nur Kasih
-chinese dramas
-silently s0lat isyak in nite prep time
-the s0ngs: to0 many... including chinese (even listen t0 chinese radi0 channel)

Farah Syakirah
-classmate f0r 5 years
-still remember ur dimples
-seems t0 be a h0t-tempered 0ne but kind hearted~^^
-0ne 0f my extra bm teacher
-s0ng: kur0nek0 n0 tang0

-0ne 0f the first anime fwens
-kind-hearted and a bit s0ft~
-l0ve dang0s
-l0ve l0vely c0mlpex 
-s0ng: (kaerimichi n0 l0ve s0ng~!!!), dang0 daikaz0ku, Happy Material, cuppy cake s0ng
-als0 help in my studies

Aisyah Munirah
-really kind
-a mature m0m~:P
-a best friend 0f Nurfarhana
-still remember "FTF"?

Nurul AtiQah
-0f c0z she's kind to0~^^
-s0metimes takes ride h0me with her
-ab0ut my height
-have fair skin
-the birthday ann0uncement
-l0ve t0 try her cl0thes~:P

N0r Syuhada
-l0ve speaking with u!
-da 0nly 0ne wh0 even call when missing me~
-u style in talking always in my mind (s0 weird th0ugh)
-has alm0st the same pr0blem (l0ve m0re math n less hist0ry)

Kiasatina Nublah
-the first t0 kn0w my biggest secret!!>.<
-RnD (0h s0 tired!)
-kara0keing with the mic

and can't f0rget the juni0rs to0~^^
especially my f0ur anime sis...
Bibi, Fizah, Mimi n R0cky

Bibiana Charles Benjamin
-s0me even think that she is my real sis even th0ugh she isn't a muslim
-the 0ne wh0 g0t all the members 0f 0ur anime fan club
-always sings t0gether
-the birthday cakes
-came t0 my h0use 0nce but keep l0cking herself in the ro0m... i w0nder why?o.0
-sharing krek0
-Miaka Yuki

Naafizah N0rdin
-a mangaka
-still keep the picture 0f us 4 drawn t0gether
-staying in her places and get sc0ld (me) by mama bc0z 0f unreachable message~:P
-the anime file.... d0 u still keep updating it??o.0
-sharing gempak sh0uj0 manga
-0nced came t0 my h0use on hari raya!
-always stay in c0ntact with me~^^
-Yuri Hit0tsubashi

.:t0 b c0ntinued:.

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