воскресенье, 12 декабря 2010 г.

first winter

"it's sn0wing!"

it's really exciting when the first sn0w falls 0n my black gl0ve.
i th0ught there sn0w flakes isnt real.
i th0ught sn0w flakes are to0 big t0 be real.
but i'm wr0ng,
sn0w flakes are real.
but its really tiny.
cant take any real ph0t0graph with it..

the sec0nd time i met with sn0w,
i try t0 m0ld it.
and this was what i made

and its really fun!
can have sn0w fights!!!
i even g0t many times sn0w ball hit rite 0n the face.
s0 c0ld and can feel my face freezing.

even when wearing gl0ves,
i can still feel the c0ldness biting my fingertip.
my skin dries.
and it easily scratched.

apteka is the best place t0 search f0r s0luti0n!

i g0t this fr0m the apteka 0n the way t0 chemistry building in izmailuvskaya

it's a winter cream f0r kids!

but still
it's really smo0then my skin and pr0tect it in winter.
it's n0t s0 bad t0 have 0ne.
0ther than that,
i als0 get s0me l0ti0n f0r 0ther part 0f the b0dy (as the cream sh0wn is just f0r hand).

what the m0tive behind all 0f these n0nsense?

it's just t0 tell u guys that it's n0t s0 enj0yful t0 study in winter!!!

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