понедельник, 3 января 2011 г.

Happy Birthday Kak PKah!!!~XD

0n this 3/1/2011
i w0uld like t0 wish happy birthday t0 kak pkah
i h0pe she will suceed in herlife
and be happily ever after...

t0 me,
Kak Pkah has treat me well
she always message me in FB
and never f0rget t0 ask me whether i am in go0d health 0r n0t
eventh0ugh s0metimes she herself is busy..
i really l0ve Kak Pkah~!!!^^

Kak Pkah,
a very thin lady,
cute and ad0rable,
making me jel0use by her appearance~:P
just want t0 say...
"please always be my Kak Pkah~XD"

p/s: Kak Pkah jgn marah yer~:P 

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