понедельник, 3 января 2011 г.

Happy Birthday Kak PKah!!!~XD

0n this 3/1/2011
i w0uld like t0 wish happy birthday t0 kak pkah
i h0pe she will suceed in herlife
and be happily ever after...

t0 me,
Kak Pkah has treat me well
she always message me in FB
and never f0rget t0 ask me whether i am in go0d health 0r n0t
eventh0ugh s0metimes she herself is busy..
i really l0ve Kak Pkah~!!!^^

Kak Pkah,
a very thin lady,
cute and ad0rable,
making me jel0use by her appearance~:P
just want t0 say...
"please always be my Kak Pkah~XD"

p/s: Kak Pkah jgn marah yer~:P 

воскресенье, 2 января 2011 г.

good bye bitter ch0c0late and sweet s0ur strawberry 2010~!!!

Happy New Year, minna-san!!

say0nara 2010!!!!

let's begin the year by reviewing the year of 2010...

i g0t PLKN t0 attend
g0t really excited c0z i really wanna play the M-16
g0t new friends, especially chinese;
the best: chien
the best: asharani
and g0t a p0siti0n 0f "ketua bilik"
eventh0ugh i never had been 0ne b4
eats l0ts 0f burger
get fam0us easily as "budak msuk air"
c0z very excited in d0ing every activities
there s0me0ne wh0 even dare t0 tell me
"muka d0p malu"
right 0n my face!
i really hate that guy!!!

then, pr0blems start t0 c0me 0ut
i was hated by my 0wn malay r0omates
except 2 0f them
but i cant really get mad at them
c0z they have their 0wn reas0ns
but i can never say i'm happy with it
there's still s0me wh0 back me up
and i really2 appreatiate it
entered k0ir
(i w0nder if i really sh0uld enter it... what i kn0w is i want t0 take revenge 0n my failure in the past k0ir interview when i was in l0w sch0ol)
g0t p0siti0n in supran0 gr0up~^^"

g0t alm0st bitten by H1N1 (I.L.I)
have t0 wear mask n get quarantine
but secretly wandering by the last nite 0f PLKN
n even play musical chair
supp0sely i g0t a p0siti0n t0 win prize
but a friend 0f mine "main kotor"
PLKN ended
SPM result ann0unced
g0t A+ f0r BM n Hist0ry
get really sh0cked! :)
g0t B+ f0r EST
feeling d0wn... :(

applying t0 every single place that i can apply
n waiting
while d0ing the everydays ch0res
s0 b0ring
g0ing f0r interviews
using FB
trying t0 get driving licence

waiting f0r result

g0t place in YT's sch0larship
t0 russia^^
enter TATI f0r predepature
3 m0nths
stay at Awana Kijal
experiencing a new lifestyle
waiting f0r depature
"khenat" 0perati0n~XD

a really heart sunk m0nth
my file's g0ne (full with my certificates)
get sc0ld by my m0m
my heart is really sensitive th0se days
my SPM slip als0 g0ne
and i heard fr0m my m0m that the pers0n in YT insult her
i cried badly th0se days.. :(

the path t0 russia seems clearer
get beaten by my 0wn br0ther (still bc0z 0f the preci0us file)
realizing s0me weird feelings t0ward s0me0ne~:P

BerHari Raya
g0t int0 a relati0nship with s0me0ne
nerv0us but happy
fly t0 russia!!!

class started
trying t0 get used t0 new surr0unding
buy a new winter c0at
taking pictures

less0n getting t0ugher
just g0 t0 class as usual
first time n0sebleed (2 times)
s0mething unpleasant happenned

g0t t0 much c0ll0qium
really tensi0n!
really tensi0n!
the semester ends!!!!

that's all my bitter ch0c0late and sweet s0ur strawberry that i can share
the 0ther details w0uld be still remained as my himitsu~^^

Brave Song - every0ne's will be l0nely s0medays

this is the lyrics translation f0r brave s0ng fr0m angel beats
this s0ng is definitely like me a while bef0re~
l0ve this s0ng...
easily make me g0 t0 the dream palace

I was always walking alone, When I turned around everyone was far behind
Even so I kept walking, That was what strength was
“I’m not afraid of anything anymore,” I try to whisper to myself
Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
So that I can love and laugh even in loneliness I will fight
I will show no tears

I was always walking alone, A cliff waited for me at my destination
Even so I kept walking as proof of my strength
The strong wind blew against me, My shirt stuck to me with sweat
If I can forget everything someday living will become so much simpler
If I fall past oblivion that’s just running away
If only the meaning of having lived would disappear

Before long the wind died down and the sweat evaporated
I’ve become hungry, Did something happen?
Together with vibrant voices a pleasant scent came along

I was always walking alone, Everyone was waiting
Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
Even so it’s fine, I will call these peaceful feelings my companions
Living somewhere I will someday forget the days that I spent with everyone as well
At that time I won’t be strong anymore
With the weakness of a normal girl tears will overflow