вторник, 7 декабря 2010 г.

it just me

i d0nt kn0w h0w t0 say ab0ut it

i lived f0r alm0st 19 years (just tw0 m0nths left)
there's still l0ts 0f things and stuff that i d0nt really kn0w.
especially when it c0mes t0 feelings.
s0me says that i am like shin chan.
when i talk,
i d0nt really gives t0 much 0f expressi0n.

the truth,

i used t0 l0ve t0 b al0ne
c0z i think that i always be burden t0 the pe0ple ar0und me.
i just cant get away fr0m that feeling.
that's why,
i always prevent myself fr0m being t0 cl0se t0 any friend.

but n0w,
i still l0ve t0 b al0ne.
but n0t really al0ne. (i mean i hate t0 be s0 al0ne n0w)
there's a pers0n that i cant get away t0 b with.
it's really warm t0 b with him ( i mean it's really c0mf0rting).
when being with him,
s0me 0f my tense g0ne.
i w0nder why.

but still,
s0metime we had fights.
and everytime,
i was hurt inside.
and i kn0w
every single m0ment with0ut him is t0rturing me as much as...(it's really hurt u kn0w...)
and every fight always started with me being stubb0rn.
i started the fight as a j0ke
but it w0rsen
as i d0nt kn0w h0w t0 fix it back.
and everytime,
it was him wh0 fix the situati0n.

he just kn0w me m0re than me myself.

.:dedicated t0: the preci0us 0ne:. 

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