понедельник, 12 декабря 2011 г.

an imaginary friend

i have a girl friend.
she fits my image-of-mature quite well.
she always put a smile despite how hard her life is.
she never let her emotion carries her action.
she always think wisely before act.
she's not forgetful.
she's carefree but not careless.
she doesn't care about how stylish her fashion is but how neat and tidy her wears.
she's not hardworking but not lazy.
she always got free time to spend with families and friends.
she never forget to do her task and assignment.
she is loved by all her teachers but doesn't take it for granted.
she always share her knowledge with everyone.
she doesn't shy to ask friends when she doesn't know something, eventhough they never beat her in study.
she never act like i-know-them-all,-don't-teach-me-like-i-don't
eventhough she's a bright student, she isn't arrogant.
she loves hanging out with friends but never gossip.
she is good in keeping others' secrets.
she never fail to call her family at least twice a week, letting them know how well she is.
she will never want them to die worrying about her.
she also get in touch with old friends as she appriciate them much.
as much as she lives, she doesn't want to burden anyone around her.
she rarely make mistakes, and if she did, she quickly apologised
she treats all her friends the same, even if they're hot, cool, cold or imfamous
she won't just leave if they can't answer her question or they can't help her when she need.
she won't leave just because they're noob.
she never scared to express herself.
she always an open-minded and a free-thinker.
she won't easily says "this is right, that's wrong"
she will listen to what other say and pick the good ones
she's so moderate, considerate that no one feel like to compete with her
she hangs out with everyone, no racist, no rich-poor seperate lines
she chooses her sentences before speaking
she's hardly get mad eventhough sometimes people try to pick fight with her
she's a good listener
whenever she feels down, she'll recite al-Quran
and become as she never feel like one


i wanna be like her... :)
can i?

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