понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.

Winter Break!!!

winter break!!!
(alth0ugh it's already 0ver when writing this~^^")

let's hear my st0ry~!!!


just after the final exam f0r bi0org,
i'd t0 pack all the things in single day~!!!
(n0t even 24 h0urs!)

my friends and me went t0 the airp0rt late that nite...
my "s0me0ne" sent me there to0~:P

the adventure started when passing the "guys" at the airp0rt..
they asked ab0ut we staying at UK..
they even asked ab0ut transit in Hamburg bef0re reaching back here~^^"

at the imigresen check,
we are asked t0 put away 0ur sh0es t0 be scanned to0!!
(w0w!! t0o strict t0 leave russia!!XD)

and 0ff t0 UK!! (L0nd0n)


first impressi0n~
i can understand their w0rds!!! and what they are speaking!!

"s0rry, l0ve!"

err.... 0kay.... that's n0thing...
juz their lifestyle~

they are s0 p0lite!!


to be c0ntinued...
(s0rry, d0n't have the m0od t0 bl0gging due t0 tiredness)

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